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Weekly Comic Reviews - 30 March 2016

Weekly Comic Reviews - 30 March 2016

Ratings out of 5 stars. Mainstream comics courtesy of Absolute Comics (Plaza Singapura).



Story/Art: Daniel Clowes

Jonathan Cape

The first all-new Dan Clowes story in over half a decade. Expectations are high here and I grab it from the shelves once it hit our shores. The story – love, regrets, and… time-traveling? 20pages into the story (total 178 pages), we jump to 2029 and things get really weird. It’s not quite what we expected. But what do we expect? More Ghost World, David Boring, The Death Ray, Ice Haven, Wilson and Mister Wonderful? You realized most of these stories were originally serialized in Eightball. So it’s time for Clowes to move on and tell whatever stories he want. Patience is it. And it is worth the wait. It’s weird, wacky and really life-affirming if you want it to be. Go buy!!!

(4 stars)

Back to the Future #6

Story: John Barber and Bob Gale

Art: Marcelo Ferreira


2015 was the future Marty came to from 1985. Makes sense to have a Back to the Future comic series. This series takes off from the third movie. Marty is back home in 1985. Doc is missing and life is kind of boring. But he and Jennifer receive news that the Doc is in trouble, so off they go…back to the future. Entertaining.

(3 stars)

Monster World #3

Story: Steve Niles and Philip Kim

Art: Piotr Kowalski

American Gothic Press

Done in collaboration with the Famous Monsters magazine, this is Steve Niles’ dream project – to write about monsters and pre-war Hollywood. Survivor of a monster attack during WWI, Detective Hank Barrymore discovered more secrets in a Hollywood studio. Barrymore reminds me of John Constantine. Promising.

(3 stars)





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