Asian Artists Exhibition 2019

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Asian artists have played a significant role in the mainstream comics industry, centered around the largest publishers based in the United States. Artists, notably from the Philippines, such as Rudy Nebres, Tony DeZuniga, Nestor Redondo and Ernie Chan have drawn and inked for Marvel and DC comics since the 1970’s, blazing the way as pioneers in this competitive field. Following in the footsteps of these legends, modern artists from the region like Mico Suayan, Rian Gonzales, Sonny Liew, Stanley (Artgerm) Lau, Zu Orzu, Yasmin Putri, Ario Anindito, In-Hyuk Lee, Kim Jung Gi and Sana Takeda are counted amongst the most popular and talented comic creatives working today.

Original regional comics also play a major role in Hong Kong and Japan; where manhua and manga inspire major movies and animated series. Wonderful stories uniquely told by Asian creators that inspire even global audiences and have influenced western comic creators. Manhua and Manga artists whose artwork will be featured at the exhibition include Tony Wong, Khoo Fuk-Lung, Jack Fung, Lee Chi Ching, Yuen Tai-Yung, Kenichi Sonoda and Range Murata.

The Singapore Comics Community (SCC) would like to thank SgCC for making this presentation possible with logistics and other in-kind support.

*Photo shown is for promotional purpose only, actual exhibit will differ in display / content.

Do visit the exhibition at SgCC to check out the exhibition in person, and bring along your friends. On top of the exhibition, we will have side activities like Art Jam Sessions, Ashcan Giveaway, and talks. Click the image below to zoom in.

Hong Kong Manhua Introduction
Based on Research by Wendy Siuyi Wong

The Chinese term “manhua” (漫画) is commonly used in Hong Kong to mean “cartoon” or “comics”. Manhua, in Hong Kong today, also refers to “lianhuantu” (連环图) a Chinese term that means picture books featuring a sequence of Chinese line art accompanied by prose, telling stories about traditional characters. These stories have typically been of the martial arts and kung fu genres.

In East Asian society, manhua constitutes one of the most popular reading materials in Hong Kong, with estimated annual retail sales of approximately HKD 17.3 million (~S$3 million) in the 1990s alone. Hong Kong manhua is one of the most important forms of popular culture in the world. The manhua of Hong Kong shares culture, values and identity of the region with its readers. However, discussion of manhua in Hong Kong is often limited to criticism focused on controversial elements such as its extensive use of foul language and the pervasiveness of sexual and violent content.

In the early 1970s, kung fu fever, fuelled by Bruce Lee’s film, provided an outlet for the masses to escape from their unpleasant daily life. The popularity and success of the Bruce Lee phenomenon moved kung fu and martial arts into the mainstream and made them the staple of the Hong Kong manhua scene in the 1970s and 1980s.

SCC will also be giving away ashcan comics created by our members. It is written by Firdaus Isa, and Illustrated by Jie Victoria and Azridjokoloro. Based on characters created by Chong Pheng & Collin Yap, Kang Jing, Chan Kok Weng, Jason Woo, Shahril Azizi and Ahmad Tarmidzi. Click the image below to zoom in.

Appreciating Comic Art: A talk by Gaurav Patel Sunday, 8th December, 3-4pm @ The Screening Room. New to Original comic art & want to know more? Join us at SgCC! If you are a seasoned collector, you may join the discussion too, and share your collecting experience. Click the image below to zoom in.

SCC will be bringing Jam Art Sessions to SgCC. We thank our contributors: Kang Jing, Chan Kok Weng, Seth Adams, Gaurav Patel, Jasmin Semahli, Haider Abdul Amir, MD Afiq, Danial, Nathaniel Itosis, Shahril Azizi, Valerie Chia, Ross Ravelina, Jie Victoria, AzriDjokoloro, Firdaus Isa, Kartina Yahya, Cheryl Lye, Jerome Lee, Azhar Red, Firdaus Jemahat, Barry Tan and Jason Woo. Click the image below to zoom in.

Visit the Asian Artists Exhibition @ SgCC

The Asian Artists Exhibition booth number is FB1, look us up on the 7th / 8th of December at SgCC 2019.

We thank SgCC for this unique opportunity, and hope that SCC members attending SgCC will enjoy the exhibition.

We would also very much like to thank SGToy Display for their kind sponsorship of Glass Display Cabinets to provide the best showcase possible for this year's exhibition.


The Exhibition Organising Team

  • ChinChieh Wan
  • Tan Yongming
  • Gaurav Patel
  • Qadir Minhat
  • Christopher Hwang
  • Myron Tay
  • Amran

The Ashcan Creative / Organising Team

  • Firdaus Isa
  • Jie Victoria
  • AzriDjokoloro
  • Amran

The Ashcan Creators / Creations

  • Collin Yap & Chong Pheng (Snake Enchantress of Zodiac)
  • Kang Jing (Nathan of The World My Arena)
  • Jason Woo (Mochi)
  • Shahril Azizi (Tuah)
  • Ahmad Tarmidzi (TMMT: The Monster Morphing Teenager)
  • Chan Kok Weng (FuGu)
  • AzriDjokoloro (Xeddy Bear War Fighter)
  • Firdaus Isa, Jie Victoria & Amran (Book of Scythes)


Asiapac Books will be giving a talk entitled Love and Heroic: Wee Tian Beng's Comic Book Adaptation of Condor Heroes.

A Talk by Asiapac Books
By Chong LingYing
Saturday, 7th December, 1-2pm
@ The Screening Room

Wee Tian Beng's Original Art will be featured in SCC's Asian Artists Exhibition. Click the image below to zoom in.

Comics will be given away free at the SCC area at SgCC, courtesy of Matman. Click the image below to zoom in.

Here are some photos from our Original Comic Art and Comics Exhibitions in previous years:

S5 Box



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