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We are pleased to announce that SCC will be having a Sketchcards Meet & Trade / Scavenger Hunt at STGCC this year. You are most welcome to join us; Whether you want to participate as an artist / sketchcard contributor, a Sketchcards Hunter, or you just want to own a couple to start your own Sketchcards collection, comeby our booth.

SCC would like to thank STGCC for making this presentation possible with logistics and other in-kind support.

Why you should join us at STGCC 2018:

  1. What you can expect at the SCC Sketchcards Meet & Trade
    • Collect sketchcards to be given away by participating artists (while available)
    • Trade sketchcards with other collectors
    • Hunt for sketchcards in the Scavenger Hunt (you have to be a member of SCC for the Scavenger Hunt as clues will be posted within the SCC Facebook Group)
    • Have a chat with other collectors and show off your sketchcards collection
    • Sketchcards drawing sessions by SCC Members
    • You don't have to be an SCC member to participate
  2. Activities @ SCC Comics Exhibition
    • Comics Exhibition
    • Sketchcards Meet & Trade
    • Sketchcards Scavenger Hunt
    • SCC Members: The Gathering

These cards, measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches each, will be traded or given away at STGCC, at the SCC Comics Exhibition Booth. Sketchcards are a popular off-shoot of trading cards and original art, and have garnered quite a following among comic fans. Sketchcards have overtaken mass-printed trading cards, as they offer another way for fans to acquire original art commissions from their favourite comic artists, that are far more affordable. The sketchcards created by SCC members will NOT be for / on sale at STGCC 2018.

Elvin Ching is an illustrator and storyboard artist whose short stories have appeared in the Eisner-nominated Image Comics anthology series Liquid City (“City” in Vol. 2 & “Boy” in Vol. 3), and his artworks have been featured in various ads, portals, projects and events such as McDonald’s,, Kult Magazine, Animax x OIC Manga Exhibition, No Approval art exhibition and the Pangu series of children’s comics (P3 Publishers).
He had also completed a short stint assisting in conceptual designs for the upcoming science-fiction thriller film, Beyond Skyline (2015).
In 2015, he was commissioned by Marvel Comics to contribute artwork for a set of promotional trading cards (Avengers versus Ultron) that were specially distributed at the Thailand Toy Expo in Bangkok. His most recent comic is The Legend of Badang released in NDP 2016.
An infographics journalist with unique strengths in illustration and design, Kelvin has been in the field of news design for more than 20 years. He has garnered numerous domestic, regional and international accolades including three Society for News Design awards.
Kelvin helped run the creative desk at Reuters News Agency under the creative editor. He has published numerous graphic novels and artbooks including the illustrated ‘Men in White’.
Kelvin has always been an avid comic book, pop-culture lover, being a published comic-book artist. He is also a sculptor, with experience in statue manufacturing from concept to delivery.
Having done work for brands in the gaming and film industry like Capcom, Warner Bros., MM2 Entertainment, Illustrator, comic artist, concept artist, digital sculptor, statue manufacturer.
Alan Quah a professional comic artist from Malaysia whose first comics pages were published in a 1984 fanzine, APAzine from Berita Publishing. He has done work for DC Comics, Titan Comics, IDW, Legendary Comics and is the Principle of Komikaki Studio.
His noted published work includes:
  • DC Comics' The Vampire Diaries
  • Legendary Comics' Godzilla: Awakening
  • A prequel comic to the blockbuster Godzilla and RAGE
  • A french comic book series by Glyphs Production
  • Space Goat Presents Anthology
  • ShadowGirls
  • Evil Dead
  • IDW's Orphan Black.
Alan has also recently done the concept art for a statue line for Royal Selangor. He has also worked on Nike's Footwear Illustrations for DarkHorse.
James Leong has been working in the advertising industry since 1988. His career highlights include serving as a jury member of the 2005 London International Advertising Award, and emerging unscathed working with the legendary Neil French on numerous projects.
During the merger of D,Y&R and Wunderman, James designed the new corporate identity and supervised the production of the corporate bible. He also art directed 3 WPP Creative Annuals, The World Press Awards’ collaterals, and the Creative Book while working closely with the WPP Worldwide Creative Director, Neil French.
He loves to draw very much, especially enjoys TVC storyboarding, and has won Silver in the Illustration Category at Longxi. In his spare time, he is an active urban sketcher and creates his own comics, experimenting in various mediums.
As a Wing Chun practitioner, he has been training in this martial art since 1996 and is now teaching some enthusiasts.
8th of Sept, 1pm to 2pm
Sketchcards / Comic art Demonstration
8th of Sept, 3pm to 3.30pm
Sketchcards / Comic art Demonstration

8th of Sept, 3.30pm to 4pm
Comic art techniques Discussion
8th of Sept, 4 to 5 pm
Sketchcards / Comic art Demonstration

8th of Sept, 6pm to 7pm
Comic art techniques Discussion
9th of Sept, 3 to 4 pm
Sketchcards / Comic art Demonstration


Sketchcards collecting is a constantly evolving hobby; New and creative ways of collecting are being discovered and are quickly catching on. Art is also, by nature, collectable, and the sketchcard or art card is, due to its size, perfect for collecting.

Sketchcards giveaways at Gnb Comic Shop, and Sketchcards discussion and Scavenger Hunt at a PanelGrapher Editorial meetup @ ScapeMedia.

The Sketchcards fit anywhere (even in your pocket), and can be displayed like any other collection, in an album or on a stand. Even though sketchcards are small, they have potential and gaining quite a following. And because they are small and affordable, it is possible for anyone to acquire original art from a wide range of artists, and styles.

Sketchcards Toolkit: Drawing Stationery and Sketchards Album

Aspiring artists from SCC, whether they are professional or just love to draw, have started drawing popular comic characters from a wishlist drawn up by other members. Here are some sketchcards done by SCC members:


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Sketchcards Meet & Trade @ the Comics Exhibition at STGCC

For the Sketchcards Meet & Trade and Sketchcards Scavenger Hunt, look us up on the 8th / 9th of September at STGCC 2018. We thank STGCC for this unique opportunity, and hope that SCC members attending STGCC will enjoy the Sketchcards Meet & Trade and Sketchcards Scavenger Hunt.

We would also very much like to thank SGToy Display for their kind sponsorship of Glass Display Cabinets to provide the best showcase possible for this year's exhibition.

We would like to also acknowledge the passionate and talented artists who contributed their time and creativity to produce the sketchcards for this event. We welcome others who would like to participate to join us.

Sketchcards Contributors / Participating Artists

  • Kelvin Chan
  • Elvin Ching
  • James Leong
  • Muhammad Azri Sazali
  • Collin Yap
  • Richard Chin
  • Nathaniel Itosis
  • Nicole Ng
  • Woofer Rae
  • M.T. Maayo
  • Kris D Roy
  • Jay Kwan
  • George Jorgimoto
  • Jason Woo
  • Jessica Emmett
  • Firdaus Jemahat
  • Haider Abdul Amir
  • Shahril Azizi
  • Valerie Chia
  • Muhammad Saifullah
  • Mohammad Suhaimi
  • Billy Silva
  • Wern.U Leong
  • Reeve Tan
  • Kartina Yahya
  • Chan Kok Weng
  • Ahmad Tarmidzi
  • Jie Victoria

Sketchcard Mini-Workshops

Live Sketch Sessions will be held at pre-scheduled times at STGCC 2018. The setting will be informal, upclose and personal, where you get to learn how to create your own sketchards, using different techniques and media, from experienced sketchcard artists.

The video above shows local professional artist, Kelvin Chan, demonstrating his drawing techniques live.

Sketchcards Scavenger Hunt

Art scavenger hunts have been a fun fan activity at several conventions, from SDCC to Baltimore Comic Con. The popularity of such events has even drawn celebrity involvement, such as the Henry Cavill led giveaway at Ace Comic Con in Long Island.

The Scavenger Hunt, as the name suggests, will involve participants tracking down sketchcards strategically hidden in the STGCC hall by the artists who drew them or the organisers of this event. The clues on where sketchcards could be found will be posted on a Sketchcards Scavenger Hunt thread in the SCC Facebook group. More information will be provided on the thread.

The video above shows a recent Scavenger Hunt held at ScapeMedia during Panelgrapher Editorial meetup.

Sketchcards Scavenger Hunt Rules

  1. The scavenger hunt is generally limited to public areas of the STGCC Exhibition hall; Such as the main stage, the cosplay spotlight, the walk of fame, etc. However, there are places outside of public areas where some sketchcards can be found; such as within participating comics shops booths and artists‘ tables in the Artist Alley;
  2. Clues to the location of the cards will be posted on a thread on Singapore Comics Community Facebook Group. Clues come in the form of photos and a password: 1. Indicates the whereabouts of the card, and 2. Exactly where the card could be found in that particular location. 3. A password will also be given for clues pertaining to the Artists Alley, Comic Shop Booths or on a Cosplayer;
  3. Public Areas: Straight forward search and find, no middle-person involved.
    Artist Alley: Once you have located the artists’ booth or table, simply ask him / her for the sketch-card after giving the password. Unlike in public areas, you don’t have to search his / her booth. If someone had already taken the card from the artist, thank him / her and move on to your next clue.
    Comic Shop Booths: Once you have found the booth, simply ask the person-on-duty for the sketch-cardafter giving the password. Unlike in public areas, you don’t have to search the booth. If some-one had already taken the card from the person-on-duty, thank him / her and move on to your next clue.
    Cosplayers: When you have found the cosplayer, simply ask him / her for the sketchcard after giving the password. If someone had already taken the card from the cosplayer, thank him / her and move on to your next clue;
  4. The sketchcards are FREE. You are not required to spend any money on the sketchcards in this scav-enger hunt;
  5. Sketchcards hunters should be polite and respectful to rival hunters, to participating artists in the Artists Alley, to participating cosplayers, to participating comic shops as well as to other STGCC attendees whether or not they are involved in the sketchcards scavenger hunt;
  6. IMPORTANT NOTE: At booths / tables in the Artists Alley, Sketchcards Hunters should not get overly exited and accidentally mess up the artist’s art products. Out of courtesy, do stay a while to check-out the items for sale before leaving his / her booth / table, and if you see anything you like, you may purchase it to support the artist. This goes the same for participating Comic Shop Booths;
  7. No harassing of participating artists from Artist Alley or cosplayers. It is their right to choose not to surrender the sketchcards to you should you be rude to them;
  8. No breaking of rules. Always play fair. Don’t let your competitive instincts drive you to ruin other people’s chances at getting a sketchcard. This means no cheating, lying, stealing, sabotaging your way to finding your sketchcards;
  9. Upon finding a sketchcard, please take a selfie with the sketchcard (and the location it was found at) and posted it on the SCC thread, to indicate that the card had already been found.

The Sketchcards Organising Team

  • Chan Kok Weng
  • Ahmad Tarmidzi Bin Mohammad
  • Jie Victoria
  • Amran

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