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We are pleased to announce that SCC will be holding a Comics Exhibition at STGCC this year. With this exhibition, we hope to generate interest to make comics a larger and more important part of STGCC. The idea is to get fans excited to read comics again. The exhibition will showcase some rare slabbed comics around the theme of “First appearances of Movie/TV Heroes”. For fans of characters such as The Flash, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, Captain America or Wolverine, you can come see the issues where they appeared for the very first time - in some cases over 60-70 years ago. We hope to see you there at Booth No. FB7 (see STGCC floor plan below).

The Singapore Comics Community (SCC) would like to thank STGCC for making this presentation possible with logistics and other in-kind support.

*Photo shown is for promotional purpose only, actual exhibit will differ in display / content.

Comics Exhibition: An Overview

The Comics Exhibition will feature slabbed comics, from Golden Age (1938-1950), Silver Age (1956-1970), Bronze Age (1970-1985) and Modern (1985 onwards).

We feel that this would interest hardcore comics collectors and casual comic fans alike. Visitors will get to see and learn about key comics published from the 1940s to present. These valuable comics, some very rare, would no doubt add a unique dimension to STGCC 2018 and help it to stand out from other South East Asian conventions.

The comics that will be on show include Mega Keys: Journey Into Mystery #83 (1st appearance of Thor), Incredible Hulk #1 (1st appearance of the Hulk), The Avengers #1 (1st appearance of the Avengers), The Brave and the Bold #28 (1st appearance of Justice League of America), Incredible Hulk #181 (1st appearance of Wolverine), Fantastic Four #1 (1st appearance of the Fantastic Four), Amazing Fantasy #15 (1st appearance of Spider-man), Strange Tales #110 (1st appearance of Doctor Strange, Signed by Stan Lee), Avengers #4 (1st appearance of Silver-Age Captain America) and New Mutants #98 (1st appearance of Deadpool).

We hope you will enjoy the show as we did putting it together for you. See you there.

SCC presents a behind the scenes look at putting together probably the greatest comic book exhibition ever in Singapore. It would be a milestone in Singapore's comic book history. The question is: will you be there?

Video put together by Ahmad Tarmidzi of Cosmic Comic Pressing

#SendMeLocation: SCC will be at Booth No. FB7, click image to zoom in.

Do visit the exhibition at STGCC to check out the comics in person, and bring along your friends. On top of the exhibition, we will have side activities like Sketchcards Meet and Trade, Mini-Workshops and Scavenger Hunt.

Brighton Yap
21 August 2018
Comics General
American Mainstream Comics
Collecting Comics as a Hobby or Investment
Slabbing and Grading
Key comic books also means that it is the first time a hero/villain/character has appeared in the publisher's books. Normally these books will be highly sought after especially if that character turns out to debut in his own series. Some really notable first appearances include Superman, Spider-Man and Batman. Collectors generally will go after these books and will also pay top dollar for a high grade issue which brings us to the problem in the hobby. How do we decide how good a “condition” the book is when we want to sell it to a fellow collector? Everyone will disagree on the grading on a book. Grading of a comic book comes in these terms. The grades come in a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest possible condition of the book available. This scale is taken from the Overstreet Guide to comic book grading. MT 10.0......
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28 August 2014
Comics General
Local Comics / Singapore Comics Scene
Like Superman and Spiderman, the comic collector in Singapore can be elusive. Some of us have wondered who is this person. Does he or she have a secret identity like the superheroes? Even for the bestselling titles, newspaper reports would only give rough estimates based on ballpark figures provided by comic shops or booksellers. A few years ago, I...
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Here are some photos from our Original Comic Art exhibition last year:

Visit the Comics Exhibition @ STGCC

The Original Comic Art Exhibition booth number is I1, look us up on the 8th / 9th of September at STGCC 2018.

We thank STGCC for this unique opportunity, and hope that SCC members attending STGCC will enjoy the exhibition.

We would also very much like to thank SGToy Display for their kind sponsorship of Glass Display Cabinets to provide the best showcase possible for this year's exhibition.

The Organising Team

  • Brighton Yap
  • John Teo
  • Han Lim
  • Chee Hoe
  • Amir Axl
  • Qadir Minhat
  • Christopher Hwang
  • Myron Tay
  • Amran


What is Comic Book Pressing?

Pressing greatly diminishes and in some cases removes minor defects from comic books such as dents, non-color breaking folds, bends, waviness and spine roll. Removing these defects will usually increase the grade of the book, which translates into increased value.

Before Pressing

It is not uncommon for a book to increase 3 grades from pressing. For example, if a Hulk 181 in 9.2 is pressed into a 9.8, the value has increase by thousands of dollars. Even if it only goes up to a 9.4, the value has increased over a thousand dollars.

After Pressing

Cosmic Comic Pressing provides tested and proven Comic Pressing service in Singapore. Find Cosmic Book Pressing on Facebook (see link below).

Frequently Asked Questions on Comic Book Pressing

What comic book grade is best for pressing?

Higher grade books will obviously see the most improvement after being pressed, simply because they usually have only minor defects (non-colour breaking spine stress, dents, bends, etc.). On the other hand, I have also seen amazing results after pressing and cleaning books in lower grades as well. Often times these books show a more dramatic improvement.

When should a collector consider having a comic book pressed?

Comic pressing should be considered anytime there is a desire to improve the overall condition of the book. This can either be for resale purposes, grading and encapsulation purposes or simply to improve the appearance of your collection at a minimal cost instead of spending time, money and effort in acquiring new, higher condition issues.

There are many defects (both small and large) that can occur to a comic that will result in a lowered appearance and while there might be some advantage in pressing any and all condition of books, the best results will usually be seen on books that are already in higher grade.

The majority of the damage that can be addressed is limited to non-color or non-image breaking defects like Light Creases, Slight Surface Dents, Light Scratches, Subtle Folds, Minor Spine Rolls, Ripples or Waves, Surface dirt, Smudges, Fingerprints and other disruptions in surface gloss.

Do third part grading services like CGC and PGX consider pressing and minor dry cleaning restoration?

CGC and CBCS do not consider pressing or dry cleaning to be restoration.

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