We are pleased to announce that the Art Side and SCC will be holding an Original Comic Art Exhibition at STGCC this year. As many comic collectors are aware, original comic art is a growing extension of comic collecting. More and more comic fans are now collecting comic art, from sketches to blank cover art to commissions to published pages. In the upcoming Original Comic Art Exhibition, many types of such original comic art belonging to local comic art collectors will be on display. The original comic art we are referring to are original works drawn by artists on over-sized boards that are subsequently coloured, printed and made into comic books - i.e. the unique 'masters' and valuable one-of-a-kind pieces.

The Original Comic Art Exhibition will educate attendees on the various stages of production for a comic book and provide examples of the different types of original comic art, as well as showcase original X-men comic art through the decades and original comic art from past STGCC guests.

Featured artwork include those done by Todd McFarlane, Neal Adams, John Byrne, Walt Simonson, Arthur Adams, Adam Hughes, Frank Cho, Sonny Liew, Artgerm, Adi Granov and many others.

Do visit the exhibition at STGCC to see the pieces in person.

STGCC 2017 Floor Plan: The Original Comic Art Exhibition booth number is I1