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Kopi with Adi

Kopi with Adi
Adi Granov
Boba Fett by Adi Granov
By Myron Tay, STGCC 2014, August 28th 2014. Adi Granov is a comic book artist and conceptual designer who is best known for his work on Iron Man. In particular, he was the artist for the Iron Man: Extremis miniseries and concept artwork for the Iron Man movie in 2008. Who are the artists (both within and outside of comic books) who influenced your style? I think Jean Giraud "Moebius", Drew Struzan and Hajime Sorajama had the most influence on my art style. Over the years I've been influenced by countless other artists, but those three really stand out as far as my technique and style go. Do you think that comic book artists should make changes from time to time? Why or why not? What factors should determine changes (if any) should be made? I think artists progress and change over time as we learn new things and techniques...
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