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Ayer Bandung with Ariela Kristantina

Ayer Bandung with Ariela Kristantina
Joker by Ariela Kristantina
Justin Jordan
Elektra by Ariela Kristantina
X-23 by Ariela Kristantina
Ariela is an accomplished artist who recently started doing some work for Marvel (Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy #2 and upcoming issues on the new Wolverines title) as well as working on the new series Deep State with Justin Jordan at BOOM! Studios (which had been optioned for TV after just one issue!). Despite her many successes, she remains down-to-earth and friendly (editor's note: And a joy to inter-view!). She currently resides in Jakarta, Indonesia, with her family. 1. We know you are currently based in Indonesia. Tell us a little about how you became a comic book artist. Have you always wanted to be one? I had always wanted to be one. I think by 11 or 12 years old, I knew I wanted to do comics and never wanted for a second to be a doctor or architect. When I had to choose my major in college, I...
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