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The Hollywood Conundrum

The Hollywood Conundrum
For years I've been listening to everyone I know who has seen a comic book movie. From praises to condemnations from the widest spectrum of viewers; from the most fanatical purist to the most passive of movie goers. Hollywood had listened to all sides and had done what every demographic of viewers had demanded but the comic book movies always ended up as train wrecks. My conclusion: Nobody knows what they really want in a comic book movie, so should Hollywood continue to listen to fans?  Fans had always been nitpicking at movies with the mantra of “That’s not how it’s supposed to be”. There are considerations to be made when making a comic book movie, starting from simple cinematic perspective to condensing the story to fit the average movie run time. There will always be liberties taken whether they like it or not. The typical reader of this newsletter...
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