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Crystal Balling Tomorrow’s Comic Market In Singapore

Crystal Balling Tomorrow’s Comic Market In Singapore
Ever since the comics boom in the early 1990s, the local comics market has gone through its ups and downs (e.g. shops opening and closing, the effects of the Asian Financial Crisis, changes in story / art quality, emergence of the trade paperback market.) Regardless, I believe that the key factor that drives the market is (and will always largely be) interest in the medium as a form of leisure. On an important related note, how comics compare against other forms of leisure (e.g. video games) will matter too. Comics are meant to entertain. Accordingly, questions like who they entertain and how they entertain matter. In this light, here are three opinions that I have on the near future of the comics market here in Singapore: (i) Serious collectors will run solo and turn to the inter-net much more for the collecting needs Some would say that this has already...
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