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Weekly Comic Reviews - 27 April 2016

Weekly Comic Reviews - 27 April 2016

Ratings out of 5 stars.



Story: Alan Moore

Art: Jacen Burrows


Those who said Alan Moore is a spent force have no idea what they are talking about. The warlock has just started his sixth decade on this earth and the recent stuff is phenomenal. Many found Neonomicon disturbing and disgusting, but it’s some of the most fascinating stuff I’ve ever read. And scary to the balls. Providence is the sequel and prequel to that and there is more HP Lovecraft sh*t going down here – fishmen, incest, rape and murder. This hardcover collects issue 1 to 4 and is limited to 6,666 copies.

(6.66 stars)

Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby

Edited and with an Introduction by Charles Hatfield and Ben Saunders

IDW/California State University, Northridge Art Galleries

I have waiting to get my hands on this book since I read about the exhibition of the same name held at the California State University, Northridge, Art Galleries from August to October last year. Wish I could be there, but this got to do.

The Captain America: Civil War movie opened this week. Go watch the movie but instead of just reading the Civil War comics, go read some Kirby comics because the King was the one who created Captain America and Iron Man and scores of other characters you watched on the screen.

So if you ask, do we need another book/catalogue on Jack Kirby?

Of course.

‘Nuff said.

Kudos to Kino for bringing this in. You guys are champs.

(5 stars)


Murder at the Hollywood Hotel

Story/Art: Rick Geary


Amazing how many established comic artists are going direct to the fans and getting their books off the ground via Kickstarter. But I must say success favours those who have been around for a long time and who have their steady base of fans. Rick Geary’s last few books are all through Kickstarter. Not sure if they are available in the bookshops (can’t find them listed on amazon, but on Geary’s website), which will be a pity because these are great crime books that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Murder at the Hollywood Hotel is another cautionary tale of the young and naïve getting caught up in the (literary) murderous showbiz industry that is Hollywood. Geary’s writing is sharp and the art immaculate. This is in black and white, can be a colouring book too.

(4 stars)


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5

Story: James T. Tynion IV

Art: Freddie E. Williams II


Was sceptical about this but the Batman and TMNT crossover reads better than it sounds. There is an easy camaraderie between Bats and the Turtles and this issue is fun when Batman introduced Leo and the rest to Commissioner Gordon. Shredder has taken over Arkham Asylum and is in cahoots with Ra’s Al Ghul. Robin (Damien) doesn’t get along with the turtles (they played his Xbox without his permission) but that is not a surprise. The art by Freddie E. Williams II has that old school TMNT feel. This penultimate issue came out on 13 April and the last issue will be out on 11 May. Look out for the showdown between Bats, the Turtles and Shredder.

(3 stars)


Johnny Red #6

Story: Garth Ennis

Art: Keith Burns

Titan Comics

Garth Ennis remains one of my favourite comic writers of all time. Great that he is writing so much these days – for AfterShock, Avatar, Dynamite, DC and Marvel. It’s fab that he still has time to write for British comics and it’s gold. Johnny Red is an old character from the pages of Battle. A disgraced British fighter pilot, Johnny still wants to fight the fascists so he joined the Red Army. Great premise in the 1970s and still good today. The mission this time is to stop Stalin from shitting in his pants and embarrassing himself. Sounds just like something a British writer would write. The art by Keith Burns is great. This came out on 6 April and the next issue will be in the shops on 18 May.

(4 stars)


Dark Souls #1

Story: George Mann

Art: Alan Quah

Titan Comics

Much anticipated among local fans and those in Malaysia as this is the big break for Malaysian artist Alan Quah. Dark Souls is one of the hottest game property around and Titan Comics were thrilled to get the licence. They looked hard for a suitable artist who could do likeness and old school action scenes with seamless sequential flow and they found it in Alan Quah. Lots of details and cross-hatching. Some pages remind me of John Totleben and you can read this together with Pat Mills’ Requiem Chevalier Vampire. Script by Doctor Who scribe, George Mann. Fans would love this. This one came out on 20 April.

(3.5 stars)


Divinity II #1

Story: Mat Kindt

Art: Trevor Hairsine


Valiant has been doing some amazing things and the comic press have been picking it up. Just take a look at Bloodshot (drawn by Mico Suayan) and Rai (also written by Matt Kindt). Divinity is another series written by Kindt and it’s something new. During the Cold War and before the Apollo missions, the Soviet Union sent three cosmonauts to outer space and to claim the next frontier for the USSR. One of them came back with God-like powers and has to decide what he wants to do. Now in volume 2, another has returned, but Miska (a child of Mother Russia) decided the world should be communist. The issue ends with her meeting Putin, who is getting to be quite a popular character in comics. He also appeared in Badger #2 and 3 as the villain. Trevor Hairsine’s art fits this series to a T. This one came out on 20 April. Worth following.

(3.5 stars)

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