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Weekly Comic Reviews - 26 Aug 2015

Weekly Comic Reviews - 26 Aug 2015


Start of a new weekly comic review column - 26 Aug 2015. Rating out of 5 stars. Comics courtesy of Absolute Comics (Plaza Singapura).


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3

Story: Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson

Art: David Lopez

Marvel Comics

Kelly Sue DeConnick continues her winning streak with Captain Marvel, the title that made her a fan favourite and brought her critical acclaim a few years ago. Part of the Battleworld series, we see Carol Denvers refashioned into a squad leader of a group of fighter pilots, the Banshee Squadron. To me, Deconnick does not simply write superhero comics; she plays with genres like giving the old Western a twist with Pretty Deadly (Image Comics). Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps is her chance to write a  WWII style fighter plane comic book. It reminds me of Garth Ennis' Night Witches, also featuring a group of all female fighter plane pilots. David Lopez's art has a nice clean style to it that is reminiscent of Darwyn Cooke. The premise of this comic is not too dependent on whether you follow the rest of the Battleworld titles, which is how it should be.

(3 stars)


Justice League: Gods and Monsters #2

Story: J.M. DeMatteis and Bruce Timm

Art: Thony Silas

DC Comics

A prequel to the popular direct-to-video animated movie released in July, the universe of Justice League: Gods and Monsters has a Batman who is actually Man-Bat, a vampire; a Superman who is the son of Mexican migrant farmers (but his father was General Zod so that explains the anger management issues) and Wonder Woman is the widowed wife of Orion of the New Gods. And Orion was the son of Darkseid, so you know she has issues too. This comic book spin-off of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies rides on earlier concepts explored in other comics, animated series and games. A 'strange' Justice League that put them in conflict with the people they are supposed to protect. Who watches the watchmen, that question is asked once again. The story is competently written by old-timer J. M. DeMatteis, who has scripted episodes of the Justice League animated series in the 2000s, although I find parts of it too wordy - how can one be punched and still continued talking on and on? The art by Thony Silas is done in the style of the animated series, so that will satisfy the fans. One wished cover artist Jose Garcia-Lopez (another old-timer) was given a shot at drawing the interiors as well. It could have made a more interesting read. As it is, this comic is rather safe.

(2.5 stars) 


Star Wars: Lando #3

Story: Charles Soule

Art Alex Maleev

Marvel Comics

Star Wars 'stocks' have been riding high since the announcement of Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The Disney-Star Wars-Marvel combo is wiping out the competition with the new Star Wars comics at the top of the bestselling comic lists for the last few months. After launching the main title and lead characters like Darth Vader and Princess Leia, now other characters like Lando Calrissian are getting the comic book treatment. Writer Charles Soule captures the rascal charm of Lando from the movies perfectly. It's always nice to read a comic book drawn by Alex Maleev (Daredevil); he is the master of drawing dark scenes. But on the whole, this is lightweight material that appeals more to the fans than the general reader. Now if only there are hints that the black stormtrooper seen in the trailers of Episode VII is the love-child of Lando and...

(2.5 stars) 


Marvel Zombies #3

Story: Simon Spurrier

Art: Kev Walker

Marvel Comics

In contrast to Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps, one gets a bit lost reading Marvel Zombies as much of our understanding and pleasure of reading this comic book is predicated on reading the main Secret Wars story and knowing what's going on in the rest of Battleworld. But never let it be said that Marvel doesn't know a shiny penny when there is one lying right there for the picking. Marvel Zombies was a popular series written by Robert Kirkman in the 2000s, coming hot on the heels of Kirkman's own The Walking Dead with Image Comics. To make sure this issue of Battleworld Marvel Zombies (#3) get your attention, there is a cameo by Deadpool, who gets blown up as usual. But you know he will pull through. The hero with the child running from the bad guys through the wastelands has a Mad Max feel to it. Rick Remender's first story arc for his Captain America run had a similar concept as well as the Cable/Hope storyline that led to the Messiah War. Not quite sure I will continue with this comic.

(2.5 stars)


Batman: Arkham Knight Genensis #1

Story: Peter J. Tomasi

Art: Alisson Borges

Now this is what I call cross-media application. In the past, we had novels based on movies, and later comic book adaptations and spin-offs as well. Now  we have comics based on popular video games, which are based on comics. The Batman stories and characters inspire the Batman: Arkham City games, which is now a comic book. So it comes full circle. Peter J. Tomasi has proven to be a strong Bats writer who can rival Scott Snyder. This issue is a retelling of the Jason Todd story. Now fans can play the game, read the comic and play with the action figures.

(3 stars)



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