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Weekly Comic Reviews - 11 May 2016

Weekly Comic Reviews - 11 May 2016

Ratings out of 5 stars. Mainstream comics available at Absolute Comics. 


Mary Wept Over The Feet of Jesus

Story/Art: Chester Brown

Drawn & Quarterly

The only comic you need to read this year. Chester Brown returns after Paying For It (about being a john and the pros of you know, paying for it) and you got to admire his one-track mind on prostitution. He makes a strong argument for it and now he brings out the big guns. It’s alright because the good book and the big man say so. Chester is a religious man in an unconventional way. These are old stories retold but he gets into the psychology of the situation, like why Cain is so unhappy. And Job is really pissed off. Art-wise, Chester is playing with the form without playing with it. Simply brilliant. Have fun reading the detailed notes which make up the last third of the book. Now, if there is a big man up there, let Chester finish and finally publish his Gospel stories.

(the alpha and the omega)


Cinema Purgatorio



The kickstarter download came a few weeks ago and now this is also available on comixology. The lead story is by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil. Fans of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would like this – filled with obscure references but this time about the old silent Hollywood cinema. There is also Max Brooks (a Civil War what-if), Garth Ennis (ambulance service for the strange – this is a gem) and Kieron Gillen. Ambitious but worthy.

(4 stars)


The Punisher #1

Story: Becky Cloonan

Art: Steve Dillon


The Punisher returns to his roots of killing drug lords. I’m more intrigued that Becky Cloonan so I’d like to see what she brings to the table. So far so good – pure violence in this first issue. Still can’t beat Garth Ennis’ Punisher: Born limited series from 2003. But let’s give it a few more issues. Steve Dillon’s art is great – has that Barry Windsor Smith feel now. And he started drawing another shoot first and ask questions anti-hero, Judge Dredd back in the days of 2000AD. Can try. Came out last week.

(3.5 stars)


Agents of SHIELD #5

Story: Marc Guggenheim

Art: German Peralta


Like the Mockingbird comic, this one rides on the hit TV series. Coulson is still the hero and it’s set firmly in the Marvel Universe. Thus the Spiderman guest-star, but what is he doing in Shanghai? A spy-superhero comic, so the locale must be exotic. The plot is similar to JLA: Tower of Babel. Coulson has recorded all the ways to defeat the supers and now it has fallen into the hands of HYDRA. More bad news when HYDRA has the Iron Man suit for its agents. A showdown is eminent.

(2.5 stars)

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