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My Review of Marvel's Ant Man

My Review of Marvel's Ant Man

I have a sneaky feeling an ant farm would be a cool present for kids after watching this. Marvel has taken risk by using a C-lister (although an original Avenger) superhero to end phase 3 of its Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) experience. To be honest, I was never a fan of Ant Man myself being a comic reader. The movie and the recent run in the comic has made me a new fan of Scott Lang, the 2nd generation of Ant Man. He's your relatable hero. Doesn't have the wealth and charm of Tony Stark, nor the innate leadership quality of Steve Roger nor the godly good look of Thor. Lang is an ex-convict trying to make a decent living so that he can earn visitation rights to see his daughter Cassie. Marvel has taken the creative right in putting the 2 generations of Ant Man together. The ever suave Michael Douglas played Hank Pym, the original Ant Man who has invented the shrinking technology. He has been hiding the technology as he was afraid it could be sold for devious means. When he learnt that his former protege Darren Cross was closed to duplicating his technology (which he called the "Yellowjacket") and intended to sell it to the highest bidder, he hand-picked Lang to don the Ant Man suit in order to steal it. The movie takes some time to get into action. A necessary evil to develop the character and tell the origin. But all is forgiven for its 2nd act - the break in scene to steal the Yellowjacket suit and the 3rd act - the spectacular action finale all happening inside Cassie's bedroom. There is also a great fight scene between Ant Man and one of the Avengers. The movie has all of these - heist, family drama (Lang and his daughter Cassie, Pym and his estranged daughter Hope), comedy (Lang and his cellmate, Michael Pena in a standout performance) and super-heroing actions. The special effect is pretty good. I watched it in 2D but I suspect it would be better in 3D especially the shrinking scenes and Ant Man in action. With the Avengers Age of Ultron doing not as great as I would have expect, it's nice to see Marvel back in the game. That is telling a good character driven story. Oh, there are 2 post credit scenes. So do stay till right at the end.

4 resounding stars (out of 5) for me.


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Weekly Comic Reviews - 26 Aug 2015
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