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Adam Hughes Question and Answer Session with Singapore Comics Community

Adam Hughes Question and Answer Session with Singapore Comics Community

Adam, which of your past projects did you enjoy doing the most? Why?

Adam: My 4 year cover run on Catwoman, because Catwoman can be both dangerous and funny, and I found that combination appealing.

While you are known for the ladies on the covers, what male character do you love to draw?

Adam: What's a Male Character? (Joking)

What is the best cover you have drawn?

Adam: huh- I don't know quite what to say. Tell them Supergirl on the meteor. It's near the top - I don't look at it and hate it. But I don't really have a favorite or one I'd consider the best.

Do you love Star Wars? If so, which is your favourite character?

Adam (turning to the life sized replica of the Darth Vader helmet in our living room): A little. As for favorite character: It's gotta be Luke.

Hi Adam, I love your Catwoman run! Especially because her face is based on Audrey Hepburn's, I love her! Is there another actress that you've used or plan to use as a model?

Allison (Adam’s wife): First part-Catwoman was actually based on an amalgam of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Gene Simmons (the actress, not rock star). Lots of people assume Adam drew Audrey directly, and it was easier not to correct them. As for deciding on actresses or actors as models, it's not really something Adam does. In this one case, he was trying to capture the retro, noir feeling that Darwyn Cooke had given the character, so looking at several period appropriate actresses that seemed to match Darwyn's depiction of Catwoman was the best way for Adam to try and do that.

Adam: What Allison said.

If Adam wasn't an artist right now, what would you have taken up as a career?

Adam: I'm qualified for nothing. Allison explains that doing something else can involve learning that skill and becoming qualified to do it. What about film making? Adam: ....yeah? I guess I just never thought I'd do anything else.

What words of advice would you give to aspiring comic book artists?

Adam: draw all the time!

How adventurous are you to trying local food of the country you are visiting?

Adam: ...sort of adventurous? (Allison adds that Adam is pretty good about trying new things once, but HATES any fish or seafood with the heads still on).

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